Branding & Logo Design

Make Your Mark.

A brand encapsulates everything a company is about, it’s a persona, a reputation and a promise. The logo that appears on the sign out front or on the package on the shelf provides all the information a consumer needs to make their buying decision because it’s been imbued with with all the history and qualities of the brand. How do you develop consumer perceptions that accurately represent your brand and produce a competitive edge? This is the key to successful branding.

Pixel Pop excels at crafting graphic identities that are memorable, eye catching and tailored to our client’s goals. We strive for each logo we design to perfectly encapsulate the personality and character of the company. We will push creative boundaries, to create a logo and brand identity that is truly unique and effective at positioning our clients as brand leaders in their marketplace. Our clients range from startups taking their first steps in entrepreneurship to established companies looking to gain a the competitive edge that will elevate their brand above the competition.