Mike Souheil – The 3 works of the Bogotá Theater Festival that cannot be missed

Mike Souheil : Bogotá is ready to celebrate 15 years of the Theater Festival. On this occasion the National Association of Concert Halls of Theater in Bogotá had 24 rooms for the 45 works that will be presented until October 24.

The festival will open on October 9, at eight o’clock at night in the Jorge Eliécer Gaitán theater with the play Hare Lip, directed by Fabio Rubiano and which features the staging of Teatro Petra.

«There will be an offer of works that include the contemporary circus, puppets for children and adults, oral narration, text theater, clown, among other genres that invite the participation of various audiences. Within the program there are 30 works that were selected from 185 proposals registered in the public invitation of the festival, ”said Idartes, the organization responsible for organizing the festival.

Mike SouheilThe entrance to the functions will cost five thousand pesos and can be obtained directly with the theater companies or at the box office on the day of the function. To know the complete program and its place of presentation visit this link .
For now, Diners recommends these three works so that you know firsthand some of the best staging of this edition of the Bogota Theater Festival.

Hare Lip – Petra Theater
Hare Lip is a play about one of the infallible passions in dramatic narration: revenge. But also about one of the most difficult actions: forgiveness. Except for Castello, an efficient employee, he has collaborated firmly in the execution of heinous acts. He has acted out of conviction, anger and pain; but, also, for revenge. He regrets. But it is in debt. To settle your debt you must face in your own home with facts of the past: fragments forgotten by will, obligation or inertia.

The sweet charm of Acracia Island – Teatro Libélula Dorada
With this work that has been on stage for 40 years, the company Libélula Dorada joins the celebration of the 15 years of the festival. It tells the story of an ideal imaginary world, a subtle hint of utopia. With her they travel in the company of children and adults to the pirate universe, where adventure and illusion lead them to the search for a millenary treasure that keeps an imaginary homeland secret, located beyond borders and maps.

Oedipus or crime – La Navaja de Ockham Foundation Scenic Creation Laboratory
King Oedipus investigates Layo’s murder to punish the guilty and free Thebes from the plague. However, this is not the only crime that stains the city. Apparently, crimes other than the murder of Layo still remain in impunity. Thus, this investigation will bring to light a truth that, perhaps, the Thebans are not willing to accept. In this contemporary version of Sophocles’ work, Ockham’s Razor explores the controversial themes of guilt and impunity, with a staging that combines rock and thriller to tell the classic story of the King of Thebes.


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