10 songs by José José for different moments of a relationship

High notes, low notes. It all came easily. Power, delicacy He handled the nuances of his voice with masterful quality. José was not only one of the most important singers in the history of Mexico. It was also one of the most acclaimed voices of a continent that found in its songs a way of relief.

His albums served as a catharsis for several generations who found moments of his life represented in the stories he told, which accompanied by an emotion that was easily transmitted, managed to remain in the collective memory of those who bought more than 100 million of his albums.

A record for music in Spanish
José José was one of the most important artists of Spanish music. Even in 1982 he enrolled in the Guinness Records book with ” Promises “, an album that reached 18 million copies and that for the moment was the best selling of a Spanish-speaking artist.

It is no secret to anyone that José José was addicted to alcohol. Although some point out that the reason was the lack of love, others insist that it was a great labor frustration that led him to alcoholism, because, in 1973, there was the possibility that ‘ The prince of the song ‘, recorded an album with ‘La voice ‘, the American singer Frank Sinatra.

But this collaboration never happened. The RCA Víctor labels (to which José José belonged), and Reprise Records (Sinatra), did not agree and one of the greatest dreams of the Mexican artist could not be achieved. This story is recorded in This is my life , the autobiography of José José.

The composers behind their songs
Although the singer also composed some of his songs, such as If ever, Love for both, Linda disco and others, his greatest hits were created by other composers. Roberto Cantoral García, for example, is the author of El triste ; Rafael Pérez Botija wrote Gavilán or Paloma , Volcán, Desperado, Clown and others. Even his friend Camilo Sesto wrote If you leave me now, from 1979.

To these songs with powerful lyrics José José added his powerful voice, which forms a playlist that could be applied to different moments of a love story (or heartbreak, as you prefer to see it.) Diners gathered ten of them to remember-and honor-, to the ‘Prince of the song’.

When they already know each other so much they love each other despite the flaws: I love you as you are (1978)
It is the moment of the relationship in which everything is going well. In which the routine has a positive aspect. Where they understand, love, know and build from there. It is no longer necessary to want to impress, just be who you are.

just as I have believed in you. I said I love you and it is forever, because I will never leave you, that’s how I love you, that’s how I like you, how you are, I’m going to love you. ”
When one of the two begins to change and there is suspicion of infidelity: And who can it be? (1986)

Sometimes the couple can go through a time when they are distant, thoughtful, indifferent. Conspiracy theories begin to be written in the mind of the other person to try to understand the change. One of the options that surely appears is the presence of another person. Someone who has come to break into the couple’s story.
“I don’t know what happened to her, that I find her thoughtful. First of all indifferent, worried and distracted. If I stare at her, she doesn’t hold her gaze, as if she was afraid to see herself through her betrayed eyes. ”

When the relationship is about to end and either one wants to save it: The ship of oblivion (1970)
Then it seems that everything is about to get lost. The desire to save everything at the last moment appears. It’s time for one last action, maybe one last plea.
“Wait, even the ship of oblivion has not left. We do not condemn the wreck lived. For our yesterday, for our love, I ask you. Wait, I still have in my hands spring to fill you with all new caresses, that would die in my hands if you left. Wait a little, a little more, to bring you my happiness. Wait a little, a little more, I would die if you leave. ”

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