10 essential items for the smart traveler

It has all happened to us to return from a trip with half of the unused clothes, or realize halfway that the suitcase weighs more than necessary. While we don’t all have the gene of the organization nor are we the kings of practicality, we can all learn to travel light, like real professionals, and even only with hand luggage.

gathered for you these 10 tips of essential items to travel in the most intelligent and practical way.

Plastic bags
Basic Basics The rules are not strict at all airports, but in most cases, you are asked to carry containers containing liquids in a plastic bag with a tight seal. Remember that the containers should not exceed 100 ml each, so think about carrying the minimum and indispensable that you might not find in the accommodation.

A lightweight and multi-purpose jacket
Some well-known brands offer jackets designed for travelers, with layers for different uses that you can separate according to your needs. You will find them of all the prices and they can include a fleece that isolates you from the cold and an outer layer with a certain level of impermeability or that can protect you from the wind.

A reusable cloth bag that takes up little space
Carry an additional cloth bag in your backpack to separate dirty clothes or shopping and take care of the environment while traveling. There are some silk that hardly take up space, weigh nothing, and can save you from many inconveniences.

A pair of comfortable and versatile shoes
It might seem obvious to you, but not everyone can think of wearing a pair of comfortable shoes with which you can walk all day and go out to dinner at night without looking bad. Sometimes, it is worth spending a little more and finding a pair that you like a lot and you can use for several occasions.

A small flashlight
You never know where you will end up in an unknown city. A small flashlight on the keyring, with a headband or any other that does not take up much space, can save you from falling into a pothole in a dark and unknown street, or help you return to your hotel after a night walk on a lonely beach.

A waterproof bag
Unexpected rain can ruin your documents or electronic items and make you have a hard time. To avoid this, invest in a waterproof bag that you can take with you on all trips. There are all sizes and for all budgets and, in any case, it can even serve to keep some items separated inside the suitcase.

Clothes on the verge of retirement
The last trip came for that old pair of socks that has been your favorite for longer than you would like to admit, and that you have not dared to throw in the trash. Take them for their last walk and give them a dignified farewell in distant lands, so you can travel lighter around the corner or make room for souvenirs.

A microfiber towel
A good microfiber towel can occupy the same thing as a T-shirt in your suitcase, and it can be very practical if those offered by the hotel are not enough for excursions, or even to sit when you picnic in the park.

A basic medicine cabinet and wet wipes
A good traveler always carries a small first-aid kit with what is necessary to cope from a headache to an injury. It is also important to include wet wipes, because you have to be open to street foods from other cultures, but prepared for any unforeseen events.

Rubber sandals
Rubber sandals are more useful than you imagine on travel. You can use them to go to the beach, go cool down the street, not walk barefoot in the hotel or even to shower, if you are picky or staying in a hostel.

And do not forget…

The restrictions on items that you can take on board vary depending on the airline or the country from which you travel. Take into account the measurements of your suitcase and take advantage if you can carry a second handbag to store the most important, such as documents and your laptop or camera.

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